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The Prime will transform the way you think and feel. It will revolutionize the way you lose weight. No more ping-pong diets or superhuman will power. 

In this game-changing 16-week program, you’ll drop those stubborn pounds. But this is only a beautiful side effect of better health. The Prime: Prepare and Repair your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss comes from a medical doctor’s proven protocols to heal her patients.

Integrative neurologist and Ayuvedic practitioner Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary discovered how to do something Western medicine thought impossible: reverse chronic, neurodegenerative and autoimmune disease. Conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, Lupus, even Alzheimer’s went into remission. The neurologist was elated about resuscitating her patients’ bodies and brains. They were thrilled to fit into their old blue jeans.

The Prime
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I know an ancient and secret passageway to prime your body to lose weight, and ultimately live at your prime!



The Prime was born from a decade of Dr. Chaudhary’s conversations with patients, rigorous research and a deep dive into the ancient, holistic medicine of Ayurveda. In this one-of-a-kind book, Dr. Chaudhary lays out the program that helped her patients overcome everything from fatigue to excess fat, body pain to brain fog. They share the same cause: a toxic, inflammatory state. If your brain and body aren’t “primed” to lose weight, you’ll fight an uphill biochemical battle. As anyone who’s been on a diet knows, depriving yourself of food you love isn’t fun and it doesn’t last long either.

Enter The Prime. You’ll break food addictions, crush cravings, flush out toxins, banish inflammation, and heal your gut. You simply take herbs and spices from nature’s pharmacy. You sip tea, juice and broth. You add self-care and meditation. We won’t ask you to change what you eat, only when you eat it. Have at your favorite foods—until you no longer want them.

You see, this synergistic, four stage-program changes your biochemistry. It fuels armies of good bacteria and starves battalions of bad ones. It unearths toxins hiding out in your organs. Then one day—presto!—cravings that have controlled you for years shift naturally.

In The Prime, you’ll learn:

  • How your brain becomes addicted, or neuroadapted, to high doses of sugar, salt and fat (just as it does with drugs like cocaine)
  • Why your “microbiome” of gut flora makes you who you are
  • How to determine if you have “leaky gut” and “leaky brain”—and what The Prime can do about it (hint: everything)
  • Why you aren’t what you eat, but what you digest

Finally, learn how to live fully “Primed,” the secrets of the Super Primed, and how to eat for your specific mind-body type, called dosha in Ayurveda.

The Prime is grounded in science, infused with Ayurveda and simple to follow. It’s designed for you to succeed—and enjoy the journey, too. We prime your body, so it works as nature intended.


After you Prime yourself for health, the really exciting part starts: You see how far you can go, how much you can do, and how fully you can be who you really are.


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Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D.


Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary was born in India and Ayurveda was just part of family life. Generations of loved ones gathered over dinners before sundown, curry filling the air. As a little girl, Dr. Chaudhary trailed her beloved grandfather at his town clinic, knowing one day she, too, would become a physician. Then at the tender age of four, her parents moved the family to America, towing dreams of opportunity.

Dr. Chaudhary trained at top medical schools in the United States, UCLA and UCSD—only to discover a disappointing reality. Western medicine wasn’t helping her neurology patients much, let alone her own migraine headaches that came with the American diet and lifestyle. This sent Dr. Chaudhary on a single-pointed mission to find the source of illness, and in turn, real healing. She studied the problem with vigor. And she did what any rational physician would do: she asked her mom, who promptly took her to see visiting doctors from India. With great skepticism, Dr. Chaudhary forayed into her long-forgotten roots of Ayurveda.

Dr. Chaudhaury
Dr. Kulreet ChaudharyOn the cover of San Diego Magazine after being nominated one of the Top Doctors of San Diego.

Within three months, her ailments were gone. No more headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog or excess weight. Ayurvedic doctors said her problems stemmed from poor digestion, which is far from what she learned in medical school.

Over the next decade, Dr. Chaudhary harnessed cutting-edge science with time-tested Ayurveda—with exceptional results. She created a “holistic neurology repair program,” reversing neurological disease in her brain patients. That’s right, doing what Western medicine deemed impossible.

Now a neuroscientist, she began researching ways to treat neurological conditions, more than twenty clinical trials and counting. All the while, Dr. Chaudhary grew her medical practice just as her grandfather did, by getting to know each patient as a whole person. Soon, Dr. Chaudhary was treating entire families. Women referred husbands who brought mothers, friends, neighbors, the mail carrier and so forth. The whole “town” caught on and Dr.Chaudhary became a Top Doctor in San Diego Magazine. Patients started coming from other states, even other countries.

Dr. Chaudhary takes her mom to the set of Dr. Oz.Catch Dr. Chaudhary as a regular on the Dr. Oz show.

Then, Dr. Oz starting calling. Dr. Chaudhary became his go-to doctor for all things Ayurveda on the Dr. Oz show. When producers asked if Dr. Chaudhary had a weight loss program, she paused for a second—and then realized she did! All those brain patients who got better, they lost weight too. A lot of weight—a spontaneous side effect of her get-better-now approach. This led to The Prime: Prepare and Repair your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss. The book, and its companion coaching program The Prime Club, allows Dr. Chaudhary to share her revolutionary approach with the world community.

She’s also passionate about shifting the medical paradigm to empower patients. At her other day job at New Practices, Inc., Dr. Chaudhary works to transform doctors’ offices into healing centers with compassion-based coaching, meditation, and integrative medicine.

She’s come full circle, albeit now a bigger sphere—practicing medicine with humanity, the way her grandfather did. She still has hopes her school-age son will keep the medical lineage alive, even though he insists on becoming a rock star. Dr. Chaudhary has been called a “rock star doctor,” so maybe there’s hope. There is no greater gift for Dr. Chaudhary than seeing people live at their prime.


As a neurologist, being able to reverse conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, there was no greater gift. And people began to lose weight, a lot of weight, without even trying.



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