Science & Ayurveda

Science and Ayurveda are two peas in a pod. They’re old friends—very old friends. You see, Ayurveda means the “science of life,” and its origins date back 5,000 years to ancient India. Early on, sages deep in the Himalayas realized this remarkably comprehensive system of holistic healthcare, and later spelled it out in sacred texts called the Vedas.



I see Ayurveda’s profound effects with my patients, as well as in my­self and my family. I love it because it loops in all aspects of the self—the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—to treat the whole person in ways that modern science is now confirming.



You’ve heard we’re made of stardust, right? Ayurveda says we’re indeed formed from the same stuff as nature: space, wind, fire, water and earth. We’re part of the natural world. We thrive when we live in harmony with its rhythms and seasons, which are essentially the same as ours. (Hint, we sleep best when we rise and set with the sun. We need more rest in the winter just like the bears.)

Ayurveda also recognizes our uniqueness. Each of us is a single snowflake with our own design. We have a certain mind-body type, otherwise known as a dosha in Ayurveda. Our constitution reveals everything from our body frame to our temperament. In other words, our dosha tells us what we need to thrive. In Ayurveda, there is no one-size-fits-all diet or magic bullet for all. You may have noticed something that did wonders for your friend does nothing for you.

What’s more, Ayurveda is empowering. It says our daily habits can both prevent and rid us of disease—or they can do the opposite. It’s all about daily habits. The Prime Club is here to show you the habits that count. Certainly what we put into our bodies is a big part of the picture. In Ayurveda, food is medicine. We’re just starting to get this in our modern age. Remarkably, Ayurveda developed strategies for well-being thousands of years ago that still hold up today! In fact, with an onslaught of toxic chemicals in our environment and chemically-designed food on our plates, we need Ayurveda now more than ever.


Did you know that newborns have more than 200 industrial chemicals in their cord blood on their very first day of birth? And how about this—brain scans show today’s junk foods cause the same addiction centers in the brain to light up as crack cocaine?



We have challenges that are weighing us down, zapping our vitality and stealing our quality of life. Ayurveda has solutions. Time tested, simple yet profound. Ayurveda’s pharmacy stocks supercharged herbs and spices we consider superheroes here at The Prime Club. Check out these VIPs with attitudes to prove it:


I’ve been around for millennia, but am just now reaching paparazzi status. Researchers love to isolate my main compound, curcumin. They’ve found it lowers cholesterol in heart patients and blood sugar in diabetes. I’ve even been shown to improve memory for Alzheimer’s sufferers, and stop melanoma cells in their tracks. Not to mention, I’m a favorite in Dr. Chaudhary’s first aid kit. Some brainiac scientists showed I heal wounds on contact and ease arthritis pain. I’m not trying to say I’m perfect or anything, but they haven’t discovered anything bad about me yet. Try me in your kitchen where I make curries pop!

Indian Gooseberry

Call me amla for short. They say I’m an antioxidant superstar (and with twenty times more Vitamin C than orange juice, I can’t disagree.) My yellowish-pink fruit is “anti” in all the right ways: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. Oh, I have “pros” too: boosting immunity, building lean muscle, and keeping things moving through your gut. (Who needs scrunched up prunes to poop when you got me around?) Over at The Prime Club, they blend me with two other big shot berries in the form of triphala. You’ll find us under the fancy name Digestone in the shop.


I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s me, Guggul. No, not the search engine. I cast a wide net but I’m one of the most hush hush herbs around. Sure triphala cleans your colon. To put it bluntly, I bulldoze toxins out of all the organs. Bigshot scientists are proving I balance cholesterol and give your overworked liver a boost. Of course, Ayurveda has known for eons that I shrink fat. Don’t say I didn’t warn you: I’m such a heavyweight I reset your body’s innate cravings. The truth is, I spoiled peanut butter chocolate ice cream for Dr. Chaudhary forever!

Ayurveda has long said all health starts and ends in the gut. Yes, all health. Imagine a two-way superhighway running between the gut and the brain. The gut-brain connection is your primary passageway for health, as well as your capacity to think, feel and act.


I have been consistently surprised by how much basic per­sonality traits shift as our gut flora changes. Depression, anger or other negative tendencies we think are part of who we are, are often linked to imbalances in the digestive system.



The bottom line is this: what we put into our mouths actually affects our brains. As our expert doctor Kulreet Chaudhary explains in The Prime, regular doses of sugary, salty, and fried foods damage the gut walls. They feed armies of bad bacteria and starve the good guys. Modern medicine is now researching how the “microbiome,” or gut flora, control our cravings, weight, even our personality!

Eventually, these migrating toxins seep into the blood steam where they most certainly don’t belong. Remember that superhighway? It becomes a fast track for poisons to reach the brain. Not only do you have a leaky gut, but now you have a leaky brain. This can lead to serious problems: autoimmune disease and brain disorders, as well as uncontrollable weight gain and crushing fatigue. We want to help you overcome these menaces, or catch them before they take hold. The Prime Club has the Ayurveda-inspired, scientifically-grounded program to turn back the clock by starting at ground zero: the gut.

Here’s food for thought: your diet and stress level alter your gut bacteria in a single 24-hour period. Chow down pasta and corndogs during a working lunch? It’s a smorgasbord for the bad bacteria. Savor a nourishing lentil-veggie stew, and the good guys go “hurrah!” Simple Ayurveda: daily habits make us who we are.


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